Modular CNC Vises

We supply a vast range of high precision modular vises at very affordable prices, designed for rigidity, durability and ease of use.
Their top of the range features and competitive pricing has made them the ideal proposition for many precision engineers  in all five continents.


It means they’re designed to be used in conjunction. You can use up to six together with a guaranteed accuracy of 0.02mm.
We supply all the hardware to connect them for matched use. Their design allows them to be connected  side to side, back to back and side to back.

  • HRC 60 tempered steel construction.
  • Suitable for use with irregular work pieces.
  • Rapid and tool-less jaw replacement.
  • Simple, easy to use design
  • Anti chip/swarf penetration designs.
  • Self centering.
  • Vast range of spare jaw types available for any requirement.
  • Competitive pricing.

From single station vises to four station ones (designed for higher volume machining of smaller components) to oversized vises for extra large components, we have vises for any requirement.

If you are considering investing in a vise for your machining centre, why not have a chat with us about which type of vise is best suited to your machining needs? Get in touch to find out more about the range of models available, brochures and pricing.