EDM & Extra High Accuracy Vises

For the most demanding of applications, we have a range of HRC 55 stainless steel vises with an impressive set of specs:

  • Squareness and parallelism up to 0.003  mm / 100 mm.*
  • Up to 200kN of clamping force.*
  • High resistance to corrosion.

(*= top of the range models)

These vises are specifically designed for applications such as wire and sink EDM machining and metrology, but they are also suitable for milling and grinding where tighter tolerances are required.

If you are considering investing in an extra high precision vise for whichever application, why not have a chat with us about which type of vise is best suited to your machining needs? Get in touch to find out more about the range of models available, brochures and pricing.